The first run of the Sandpit Hash

After years of running in the city on a weeknight, a few of us decided it was time for a daylight hash in the countryside and on the weekend each month nearest to the full moon.
And so the Sandpit Hash came to be.

We set the first run near Hatta Pools, just over the border in Oman.

It proved to be a little more adventurous than we’d expected, involving wandering in and out of wadis, but was undeniably fun.

We adopted some local styles, using camel (or maybe goat) bones to mark the way.

Then headed through a date palm plantation and even managed to find some shiggy.

Then it was back into another wadi

It was not a place for the portly.

After traversing across a rubble-strewn shoulder, we could see the beer stop and the frontrunning bastids knocking back a few cold ones.

But between us and them was a small impediment…

The route featured a series of unpredictable routes as wadis proved to be either navigable or impassable.
This was probably the most improbable of the navigable routes.

I was certain it was going to be a false trail, only for a viable route out to appear just past this waterfall.

And up a final gravel slope, which I swore was the last difficulty before the beer stop.

It was a beer stop with a view.

We headed off on the final section back to the campsite. People weren’t moving so fast now.

We held the circle and punished everyone, including Ride My Pimp for his shoes. The penalty was the traditional one.

And the one-day-short-of-full moon lit up the events and we settled in for an evening around the fire, talking, listening to W@nker the B@nker play his guitar and finishing the beers.

Then we headed home in the morning.

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