Sandpit Hash’s second run

One piece of, er, feedback from the first Sandpit Hash was: “Where’s the sand?”
Nobody asked that on this one…

This time we headed out into the dune and date country off the Al Ain Road, turning off at Remah and finding a relatively remote location in Al Khazna.

It was magnificently and extravagantly sandy, assisted by a strong breeze that variously cooled and sandblasted Fill Me Up and I as we set the course in the cool of the morning.

We wound the trail around so that it ended up on top of the tallest dune. It turned out we were beaten to the top by a local.

But he left enough room for us.

Then we returned to the campsite and roped Prancer into helping me put in the beer stop. I think this expression fully sums up the enjoyment factor of this task.

By 4pm everyone had gathered at the campsite and we headed off, starting off with a convoluted route through the date plantations thanks to some fortunate (and not self-created) holes in the security fences.

Then we headed into the dunes.

Then back into the gardens for a few false trails, which FB took in good humour. Which was just as well because he did every single false trail.

We headed towards the biggest dune we could see. There seemed to be a crowd at the top surrounding a cooler that might or might not have been full of cold beer.

But between us and them was a lot of sand, a LOT of sand.

But we got there in the end. And Half a Slab showed the benefits of being raised by hashers by bringing the tailender*  a cold beer.
(* that would be me, of course, but in my defence it was my third time up that frigging dune that day)

Then we had to tackle the arduous task of watching the sun set.

This was not a task to be taken lightly.

Then once the sun had irrevocably set we headed back, with Honey Bunny taking the cooler back to the campsite.

And we all made our way back and called the circle.

Prancer was hashmeister and immediately punished the hares.

Then Big Ears, our RA, dispensed out punishments to all and sundry.

We were running out of firewood but fortunately there was an old shed nearby.

I’m sure the farmer won’t miss that wall…

Then it was time to settle in once more.

Because of Wadi Bih, the next Sandpit Hash will be on March 9 and is being organised by the Dubai hashers. We’ll let you know when we have a location.

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