Location: Between the red dunes of the UAE and the Jebel Sumayni Mountain Range in Oman. (24°36’2,40’’N; 55°56’10,94’’E)

The camp site is at one of the few unspoiled places in this part of the world. It is far away from any light pollution. If the weather is clear and no moon you might see Milky Way. The camp side is sheltered against sandy winds.

How to get there:
Take the road to Hatta via Madam. About 10km after Madam and after the UAE border post, but still 18km before Hatta, there is a roundabout with a Shell petrol station. Turn right towards Mahdah. After about 2.5 km there is a small Omani border post, which might ask for your passport and Omani car insurance.

You do not need a visa. But you DO NEED YOUR PASSPORT. Do not show them your booze!

After a further 25 km on tarmac you will see right in the distance and very tiny the red dunes. That’s where we are heading to. There is a little street crossing, where you have to turn right onto a gravel road. After 50 or 100 m there is another (smaller) gravel track forking left. You will follow this track for maybe 4 km till some gravel heaps from a road material company. From there you turn leftish towards the nearest very low dunes. There are tracks to cross leading you into a wadi between the mountains on your left and the big dunes on your right. Follow the wadi for about 3 km to the site shown on the photo. The road might be marked with orange dots.

4WD: Once you have reached the low dunes you need a 4WD and it might be advisable to deflate your tires. If you have only a 2WD, join the convoy!

Convoy: If you like to drive in convoy, you can join Honey Bunny at the Eppco Petrol station on Hatta Road before the Dragon Mart (and International City). We leave from there at 12:00 noon (sharp). There will be a regrouping between 12:45 and 13:00 hours at the Shell station 10 km after Madam. (This is your last chance to fill up your tank and buy Omani car insurance.) Those with a 2WD could leave their car and join another 4WD! (You could leave your car also at a later point, but this might be not secure.)

Drinks and Nosh:
There will be only some Down-Down beer, otherwise BYO all your booze and food.

Firewood: Please bring some, otherwise we send you off to collect.

Run and Hares: The run will be set by the experienced Batman and some of his cronies. Beautiful territory! Start is at 4:00 p.m. There will be a walkers trail under the guidance of a limping Honey Bunny.

Emergencies: The Sandpit Hash mismanagement is in negotiations with experienced nurses as well as the services of Spitbull’s Rescue & Towing Service. In case you get lost or feel the urge of phoning, please call your mother but not Honey Bunny (056 77 99 153). WARNING: For each unsolicited call you will be charged 1 can of beer – to be paid straight into the hash bar! There is no telephone reception at the camp site, but on top of the hill or the dunes.

RSVP: Please let us know, if you will come, if you will join the convoy and if you have a 2WD. batman@h3batcave.com, aka.honeybunny@yahoo.com