+++ for immediate release +++ moonshine joins sandpit +++ sponsors pay for wines, beers and breakfast +++ sunday, march 04, 11:35 a.m. +++

+++ dubai / abu dhabi (hashpress) — due to exhaustion, over-hashing and empty hash pockets moonshine’s easy lay has asked to join the sandpithash on 9th of march. “we need to relax in fresh mountain air, far away from rubbish and ordinance to enjoy some easy lay”, says the captain of the moonshiners. sandpit hare batman has open hands: “i’m looking forward for fresh, young moons to shine.” and he has more to offer than sweet talk and lollipops: “the sandpithash has been granted more beers and wines, we sandy ones could possibly drink.” +++

(Just to eliminate confusion, that means Free Beer, Free Wine and Free Breakfast the next morning. Did we mention the Free Beer and Free Wine?)

+++ one of his german cronies confirms: “the beers and wines given to us will last past midnight.” if true, this would be longer than a creek hash circle. but more important: all booze is free of charge. and that’s not all — a local farmer will prepare and donate breakfast for all hashers. “zakat is one of the five pillars of my religion”, says the little local, “though, since i wasted my money sinfully for a german toy with 1 star, i can only provide breakfast with 4 stars — and no toasters.” +++

+++ for further information check the previous post on this website+++

+++ you have to register with or +++

+++ registration fee is 20 aed, also for moonshiners. byo food and softies. beer and red wine is free of charge. +++

+++ important: you need a passport and an omani car insurance +++

+++ please forward this message to the quiet group, the moonshiners, the abu dhabi hash, the creek hash and the barbies. +++

+++ on-on, hb +++

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