Sandpit Hash on tropical Lulu Island


With the heat about to return with a vengeance, it seemed the perfect time for the Sandpit Hash to base itself on Lulu Island, close enough to Abu Dhabi to hear the bogans drag racing on the Corniche but also feeling much further away.

And in a sense it was far away: the origins of Lulu Island was some remote, mountainous and rocky place which was then transported to the Gulf offshore from the capital to create an artificial island. Even the trademark red dunes were actually imported from Liwa.

The seaward side of the island was an underutilised gem of life in Abu Dhabi so with the assistance of Eleven Inches and his superyacht, more than 20 of us pitched our tents under the sun shelters set up on the beach from when a scheduled ferry service ran to the island.

At 4pm, we left the beach and headed inland. I mean, the island wasn’t that big, right?
Of course we had to punish the frontrunners with a false trail over a dune. Props to H@sh F@g for waiting until everyone else reached the top before announcing he’d seen the false trail marker.
This run not only had a beer stop, it also had a swim stop when the trail reached the Corniche shore of Lulu Island. The dune climbers were grateful! Although the gratitude dimmed a bit when they saw the skanky water quality…
The walkers took a shortcut across to the beer stop, which was located on the side of one of the dunes because the sand had been too hot to climb it in the middle of the day.
The frontrunners had the longest Sandpit Hash yet: more than an hour as they went over a series of dunes that disproved the theory that Lulu Island is of modest dimensions.
The runners returned, beer (and water) was dispensed and then we wandered down to the coolers of the beer stop then on to the beach.
It turned out a subgroup of our crew had managed to avoid any such exertion and had remained on the boat, where they had a hour-long head start on us.
We circled up.
Offences real and imagined were punished.
Then our RA Honey Bunny opted to recreate in dramatic form the defrocking of one of the hashers from Sandpit Hash #3. Eleven Inches was selected as the stand-in for Aarfabithore.
Full defrocking was halted by a stand-in for the SH#3’s worried boyfriend, who announced that the, er, assets about to be exposed were for his eyes only.
We started a campfire. I’m sure that fallen barasti hut wasn’t needed…
Then wandered to the top of the nearest dune to watch the lights on the Corniche skyline light up.
In keeping with Sandpit Hash timing, the nearly-full moon lit up events.
We returned to the beach to cook dinner.
And be serenaded by W@nker the B@nker and Pisto, which is becoming one of the really good traditions of the Sandpit Hash.
And, er, we serenaded them back… (Earlier Snow White had played us her video from Sandpit Hash#3, in which the enthusiastic singing was of a kind that would normally prompt the intervention of the RSPCA to investigate the torture of cats)
We wandered back up the dune for another session with the view.
Then down again for more, um, singing…
We greeted the dawn. Well, about two hours after it happened.
Shawn with a W went fishing and caught a Barracuda on the first cast. And then a queenfish on the second.
If he’d stopped then, we’d have thought he was a fishing god but then he cast unsuccessfully for another 20 minutes or so.
Then we all headed for home.
Sandpit Hash run number 5 will be on a 1000m plateau above Dibba and is being organised by some hashers from the Desert Hash in Dubai. Sneak one more camping weekend in before sauna season kicks in for good!
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