The heat-defying final Sandpit hash of the season

It’s that time of year again: sauna season.

But there’s still time for one last Sandpit Hash before we take a summer break.

While it’s too hot to do almost anything outside now, Hatta Pools are an exception. The photos you see on this page were taken in July when it’s 50 degrees outside and at one point as it went through a cave, it was almost chilly.

It’s not really a run: more of a canyoning trip through the upper and lower parts of the canyon.

You need to be comfortable clambering down rocks. For the upper canyon, there’s a 150m swim. The lower canyon is nicer and cleaner but involves a 3m jump into a pool, which you can avoid if you choose to just do the upper canyon. (The photos that follow show the kind of terrain you’ll encounter).

But it’s definitely too hot to camp so we’ll have the onback at the Hatta Fort Hotel. If you choose to stay (probably wise unless you have a designated driver) a chalet style room costs Dh763 (including the various taxes), a one-bedroom suite is Dh1525 and a 120sq m two-bedroom deluxe villa is Dh2551. We’ll have one of the latter as the venue for the on-back. (These are advance purchase rates and are available until two weeks before — IE you have to book by Thurs May 24 — after which  they go up by about 20%)

The run itself will still just cost the standard Sandpit fee of Dh20.

The run is in Oman so you need a passport or Emirates ID card to get through the border crossings.


Meeting place: Hatta Fort Hotel. (Some of us will be having lunch beforehand if you want to join us)

When: We’ll leave the hotel at 3pm, Friday June 8, and drive to Hatta Pools. It’s 2WD accessible until the final couple of hundred metres. There are sometimes thefts from cars at Hatta Pools, so leave your valuables back at the hotel.

This shows the terrain. The first three photos are from the upper canyon and the rest are from the lower canyon.

Embrace the adventure!

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