Sandpit 6

The season-ended Sandpit 6 is tomorrow, June 8.

We’ve booked one of the 120 sq m villas at the Hatta Fort Hotel for the onback, have turned on the jacuzzi (OK, not really) and the beer is chilling (this bit is true).

A reminder that you’ll need:
* your passport or Emirates ID card
* an ability to swim 150m if you’re doing the upper canyon
* an ability (and willingness) to do a 3m jump into a pool on the lower canyon.

If you’re keen to convoy up to Hatta, we’ll leave at 11.30am from the New Hash HQ (Snow White and W@nker the B@nker’s stunning new abode in the towers of Zayed Sports city).

If you’re meeting us at the hotel, gather at the villa (map attached) at 3pm and we’ll drive from there. There have been a few thefts from cars at Hatta Pools so it might be best to leave your valuables at hotel.

If you have any questions, call shorth@ndjob on 050 561 7087

on on!

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