Sandpit Hash run#6

Summer had arrived in the sandpit, but could we squeeze one more sandpit run before shutting down until autumn???

Things didn’t look promising as we drove across the desert towards Hatta.

And even though we started at 4.30pm, it was still baking hot as we hiked up the wadi.

We must be going the right way… The only arrow of the entire run!

Once the gorge narrowed, which meant it didn’t see much sun each day, the temperature lowered dramatically.

There were a few tricky bits where we had to give each other a hand.

Snow White is ready for anything.

In here, the temperature was perfect.

And there were some impromptu limbo competitions.

When the canyon opened up, we’d get some deeper pools.

The water was perfect for swimming.

And more pools.

Finally we hit what I’d dubbed the 150m swim.

But it turns out you could walk the first 50m or so on a gravel bank which hadn’t been there when I was last here.

I think our arrival surprised the Omani kids who were jumping into the pool.

That was halfway.

The lower gorge is tougher but we went to have a look.

There was unanimous decision to boycott the 3m jump into the pool at the start…

So we walked to the end, with the intention of doing the route in reverse.

More limbo competitions, with flood debris in the constrictions.

It turned out the floods that had changed the upper gorge had *really* changed the lower gorge by scouring out the gravel floor. Compare this to the same place in the next photo.

What a difference a few floods make!

We emerged from the water in an impressive beached whale move.

Most of the others followed.

The way ahead turned this into a false trail: unlike the gravel here last time, now there were sheer rock walls from which it’d be impossible to  get back out…

WtB and I did an athletic (and, it should be said, dumb) alternative shortcut while the others swam back the way they’d come.

Wandering through the desert carrying an inner tube. What?

Then it was back to the cars. This was about 6.30pm and the temperature was now fine to walk outside.

We retreated to our luxury villa at the Hatta Fort Hotel. We knew there was a jacuzzi so we threw in some blocks of ice.

They didn’t last long.

The circle. You’ll note the Jacuzzi Three who participated from the hot tub!

Then we had a long night and returned to Dubai in time to watch the rugby. result!

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