Sandpit run#7: mud, sweat and beers


After a summer hiatus because the heat precluded camping, the Sandpit hash decided it was time for run#7.
But since the temps were still regularly exceeding 40degC/104degF, we figured we’d keep things cool with a mud run through the mangroves.
“Bring a sense of humour,” I said in the promo, “because I really don’t know what this is going to be like…
“Bring a second sense of humour in case the first one fails…”
This was a site not far from Abu Dhabi but felt like a world away. That’s the roof of Ferrari World in the background. In the previous pic, that’s Raha Beach in the distance.
“There may be a couple of 10m swims…”
That was after a long run in ankle-deep water in the mangroves. (It was knee-deep when I set it a few hours before)

Floyd was a dog that was up for anything. Or maybe just scared of being left behind.
More runners emerge from the mangroves.

And the pack does the swim across an excavated channel.

After a long time in mangroves and varying depths and decreptitude of mud, the final part of the run was on flat and almost dry ground.

Why are they running? It might have been the beer stop…

There were some shortcutters.

Or, as I call them, smartcutters.

And even some latecomers swimming the last channel.

This is why they’re called sundowners.

A group pic then…

…a final swim back to our camping site, on beautiful Sandpit Island. (It didn’t seem to have a name, so I figured this was as good as any.)

Aarfabit shows commendable skills.

And we had to get the beer stop back.

For which MD was happy to oblige.

The final mud…

The circle.

A drink for the Sandpit newcomers. Erin Manke is underimpressed with whatever she’s just drunk.

Yas, on the other hand…

After a barbecue, Jeremy and Erin Manke brought out the Corn Hole.

It’s an emotional game…

Everyone slept where, er, it suited their condition at the time…

But after being baking hot in the day, the night was definitely camping weather. Better still, within 20 mins of leaving the next morning, I was at home having a hot shower.

Schedule for Sandpit Hash
Sandpit Run#8 will be on Friday, Oct 19, at a location to be decided but somewhere in the dunes between Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain. It’s a joint run with Abu Dhabi H3 for their 1800th run and we’ll be testing the new location for the Rehydration Run.
November: No specialist Sandpit Hash this month because we’re all at the Rehydration Run on Friday Nov 23, one of the year’s highlights. Details on
December: Sandpit Run#9 is being organised by some of the Dubai hashers. Venue and exact date to be confirmed.
January: A special run for the 10th Sandpit Hash run. Since we (accidentally) made a modest profit from Sandpit#7, we’ll produce a T-shirt to mark the occasion.


Ready for a dirty weekend? Sandpit Hash is back on Sept 28.

Now that the temperatures are less oven-like, it’s time to kick off the Sandpit Hash again. Since it’s still warm, we’ll begin with a mud run through the mangroves to keep cool. It will be MUDDY — really muddy — so bring your skankiest running gear. The route will also include a couple of short 10m swims across channels. But there IS a beer stop, the one and only rule of the Sandpit Hash! Bring water to wash with afterwards. There’s nothing at the site other than sand but plenty of room for camping. The usual Sandpit rules apply: it’s BYO food and drink, with a few beers provided for the circle and the beer stop. The run will begin at 4.30pm.


How to get there: The site is accessible by 2WD cars.

From the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway, take the turnoff to Yas Island and head towards Saadiyat. Once you pass Ikea on the left, take Exit 29, marked “Yas Island West”. Turn left at the traffic lights and cross the motorway on an overpass. At the next lights, turn right and cross the motorway again via an underpass then take the first exit. Go through a fenceline and turn left at the next intersection then head towards the girder bridge over a channel. Cross the bridge then turn left towards the fishermen under the motorway bridge. This area sometimes has soft sand so keep your speed up if you’re in a 2WD. Follow the wheel tracks that parallel the channel towards a line of power pylons. Ignore the “Road closed” and “Construction traffic only” signs and follow the road along the pylons for about 3km then take the first turning on your left. You should see our cars, including a brown Toyota Fortuner with a kayak rack on the roof.

From downtown Abu Dhabi, take the Saadiyat Highway until the exit to Yas Island West. Turn left and cross the motorway via the underpass then follow the directions as above. If you get lost, call shorth@ndjob on 050 561 7087