Sandpit Hash run#8

After the previous three Sandpit hashes featured mud, gorges and mountains respectively, it seemed like it was time we reverted to our namesake by holding a run in the dunes.

So we chose a site near Al Khatim, off the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain highway. The Sandpit hash would test it to see if it would work as the venue for the Rehydration Run in a few weeks time.

The claim to be two-wheel-drive accessible was certainly proven. Especially by Compressed F@rt, who drove his Cadillac into the dunes. (And even, so far as I can tell, out again later)

About 20 of us gathered at 5pm for the run, the trail immediately headed off across a sabkha on what was inevitably a false trail.

Prancer showed the way by heading into the dunes.

Others headed up a dune.

And up… to a false trail marker.

As the runners headed on a magical mystery tour of the dunes, the walkers headed onto the line of dunes heading to the beer stop.

Walid goes for it.

They even inexplicably headed up a dune which the trail avoided.


Others dwardled to enjoy the sunset.

While others explored the joys of running on loose sand.

More dune madness.

But this late turn of speed might be explained because the beer stop was in sight!

Although not everyone made it by sunset…

But thirsts were still quenched.

Then it was time to wander back to camp.

And the circle.

Frankenfurter’s B!tch cited sins real and imagined.

Then it was onward for a night of carousing.

No comment!

And if you want to experience it all again, this is the venue for the Rehydration Run, which will be November’s Sandpit Hash on Nov 23. Book before Nov 9 or miss out on the T-shirt.