Sandpit Hash#9: Little Mo and a big weekend


The Mayans prophesised that December 21 would be the end of the world, which demonstrates a remarkable prescience about the timing of Sandpit Hash#9.

Little Mo of the Dubai hashers has generously offered to host this event, which of course means gracious generosity and a sumptuous breakfast in the morning. Because he has to predict how many to cater for, if you’re intending to be there, please email and we’ll pass it on to Little Mo.

The location will be in a secret location near Hatta, which will be revealed when we convoy to the site, meeting at midday on Friday December 21 at the Shell petrol station in Oman on the Madam-Hatta road. A map is appended below. You will need your passport! And, of course, a sense of humour. Little Mo says it can be reached by two-wheel-drive cars but it’s better to be in a 4×4.

The usual sandpit hash rules apply: it’s bring-your-own everything you want to drink and eat. Your Dh20 run fee will pay for the beer stop on the course (the presence of which is the one and only rule of the Sandpit Hash) and for down-downs in the circle afterwards. If you have some firewood, please bring it so we can stave off the prevailing arctic conditions.


Later dates for Sandpit hashery:

Sandpit#10, complete with a T-shirt to commemorate us making double figures and to spend the profit we accidentally made on Sandpit#7, will be on Friday January 18. Check here closer to the time for the location.

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