Sandpit#10: Evolution at work

black tshirtWho’d have thought the Sandpit Hash would make it to double figures? The collective IQ of the organisers hasn’t achieved that yet.

And since we’ve accidentally made a profit on the last couple of Sandpits*, we figured we’d mark this momentous occasion of Sandpit#10 on January 18 with a collectable** T-shirt. Because short-run orders of shirts are expensive, we can’t fully subsidise this but it’ll be Dh40 for the run fee with the shirt and Dh20 without. The usual sandpit rules apply: BYO food and adult beverages. All that’s provided is a beer stop on the run and a couple of beers for down-downs in the circle)

(* notwithstanding contributions so far in the form of Euros, Ethiopian Birr, Laotian Kipp, South African Rand, Lebanese Pounds and several even more obscure currencies. ** Not really)

We’ll publish the map next week but it’ll be in the desert somewhere between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Sandpit#11 on February 22: Little Mo has kindly agreed to merge this with his Desert Safari on February 22. Details to emerge but you’ll need a 4×4.

Sandpit#12 on March 22: We ought to tackle the big dunes of the Empty Quarter while the sand is red because of the ferrous content in the sand rather than because its are glowing red in the harsh spring sun.


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