Sandpit#12: Combined with Aarfabithore’s 50th


Aarfabithore likes camping… and beer… So for his impending 50th birthday, he’s arranging an evening of both in his favourite campsite at Qasr al Jones in the dunes of Al Khatim.

And it turns out that March 22 is the same weekend as Sandpit#12 so he’ll have the chance to combine three of his favourite things – camping, beer and hashing – by hosting the next Sandpit. (This was going to be near Qasr al Sarab in the Empty Quarter but we’ve deferred that option until later)

Details about the location will follow but it’s near the intersection of the Sweihan Road and the Dubai- Al Faya Truck Road and not too far from the Rehydration Run site. It’s not 2WD accessible but it’s not far from a road that is so we’ll shuttle people to and from the campsite.

The run will start at 5pm. And to make up for failing to fulfill the one and only rule of the Sandpit Hash – that there has to be a beer stop on the run – we’ll have TWO beer stops on this run!

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