Sandpit Hash Run#12


Aarfabithore was having a birthday. One that involved a number that ended in a zero.

He likes camping in the desert and he likes drinking beer so he decided the best way to celebrate was to organise an overnight trip to Camp Jones, in the desert near Al Khatim. And since he also likes hashing, he opted to combine all three by hosting the 12th episode of the Sandpit Hash on March 22.

First, we had to get into the campsite, which involved some *actual* four wheel driving, as opposed to scaling kerbs at malls, which is the primary use most 4x4s get in the Emirates. Some people didn’t deflate before they tackled the short patch of tricky dunes leading to Camp Jones, only to discover their ego got deflated instead when they got stuck and had to be towed out.


But in time twentysomething hashers from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain and Norway (!) were assembled in the desert, ready for a run at which TWO beer stops were promised to bring us back to the mathematical average of one-beer-stop-per-Sandpit-hash, which is, of course, the one and only rule of the Sandpit H3.


Showing commendable balance, with a beer in one hand and a bag of straws to mark the trail in the other, Aarfabithore explained the run and without further ado, we set off into the dunes.


There were the usual cries of “On on” and there were also groans of dismay as Apollo, the Jones’ horse-sized Great Dane, would bound up and down the enervatingly soft dunes without any apparent effort.


Even Floyd (hash name: Cameltoe) bounded past people like me. But that was fine because I knew I was in possession of an opposable thumb, which would come in handy when we arrived at the first beer stop.


This was sited under a tree and eventually all the walkers and runners converged on the site for a few frosty adult beverages.


This included the Sandpit’s youngest hasher, Alayna, who will probably hold the record for some time, having done a few runs in utero.


We headed on once more, buoyed by the prospect of a second beer stop to give us Pavlovian motivation.


This took us back past Camp Jones, demonstrating what an awesome site it is.


The sunset desert colours were doing their usual magic.


But in the meantime we had another dune to climb, tempted by the campsite and the bathtub full of frosty adult beverages contained within.


But our Path Of Righteousness led to the second beer stop. Yea, and the pure shall be rewarded!


Between the beer stop and camp was a dune which made the perfect spot to watch the sun set.


Aided with some frosty beverages.


Which helped us set the world to rights.


Until it was undeniably time to head down to the camp.


A quick circle was formed, where transgressions were punished in the usual way.


And we acknowledged the Sandpit 2, Jaws and Moby D!ck, who had been to all 12 Sandpit hashes.


Then it was time for birthday cake, albeit with five toes instead of six.


The birthday boy…


Then it was time to carouse the night away.


And in time the night counted its casualties… (This is the G-rated version of these pix)


And this included your humble scribe…



Thanks Aarfabit and Di!do for arranging it and hosting a bunch of dissolute hashers. Thanks too for All Ewes’d Up and Snow White for (unwittingly) providing the pix for this report.

And thanks to the denizens of the Al Ain Hash, who have offered to host the-lucky-for some Sandpit Hash Run#13 on April 26.

We’ll provide details about where and when, once we find out.

Sandpit Hash #14 will be on Friday May 17, possibly on Lulu Island.

And the season-ending Sandpit Hash #15 will be, as per tradition, a canyoning trip through Hatta Pools in mid-June, with the on-back in the aircon of Hatta Fort Hotel. Remarkably, this is feasible even in 50 degrees and is an adventurous way to sign off until the annual Mud Run at the back end of September.

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