How to get to Sandpit#14


We’re a week away from Sandpit Run#14 on tropical Lulu Island on Friday May 17. It’s all part of a hashapalooza weekend with the Abu Dhabi hash ball the night before.

Everyone will be glad to know that we won’t be leaving until the effects of the previous evening’s shenanigans have begun to fade. Thanks to Eleven Inches’ generous noukhada skills, there’ll be a boat ferrying people from Al Mina (or Mina Port, as tautologists are wont to say) from 2pm to 4pm and then back again early(ish) the next morning.

The meeting place is marked. Email us on if you need more info. Lulu Island has no amenities of any kind. Really — none! So come prepared. If you’re making your own way over, we’ll be on the Gulf side of the island, just above the “I” marked on the map below. Look for a bright yellow sea kayak on the beach.

The usual Sandpit Hash rules apply: the run fee (Dh50 this time, to help pay for the boat hire) covers a beer stop on the run and some down-downs in the circle but it’s BYO everything else — food, adult beverages, camping gear, water etc etc.

lulu2 lulu1

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