It’s time for a Sauna Sandpit Run


The Sandpit Hash was in remission for the summer, but then we figured we better at least see what it’s like to run in the hottest month of the year while drinking dehydrating fluids.

So we’ve scheduled a Special Summer Sauna Sandpit run. And where else would we do this other than in Liwa on the edge of the Empty Quarter, the biggest sand desert in the world?



We’re not completely barking – well, not yet – so we’ve scheduled an aircon hotel for the overnight rather than camping. But Eleven Inches will be setting a run in the desert around dusk, after which we’ll eat and then repair to the cool of the hotel for an evening of the usual, um, conviviality.

What:             Sandpit Hash Run

Where:          Meet at Liwa Hotel* (we will caravan a short distance to the run)

When:            Friday, Aug 23 – check in by 5:30 at the latest, for departure to the run

How Much:  Book your hotel room of choice ASAP; 50aed for Dinner and Beverages in the desert.

* – Note that this is NEITHER the “Tilal Liwa Hotel” nor “Qasr Al Sarab”.  Liwa Hotel bookings are refundable until the 20thon, and include late checkout, bike rental, and breakfast.  They’re very large (for sharing) and have massive balconies – hooray! You can see the hotel here and book it here.

That’s it. Book a room and we’ll see you in Liwa on August 23! What could go wrong?
Other Sandpit dates: 
The infamous Sandpit Hash Mud run will be on Friday September 27.
We’ll do a special collectible* Mud Sweat & Beers T-shirt for this one.
(* Pffft!)




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