Liwa Sandpit Hash

Liwa Sandpit Hash

Dunes, Traditional Farms, Wine Tasting & Historical Fort Experience!

Come beat the heat in the dry, cool evening desert air of Liwa Oasis, the cultural hearth of Abu Dhabi. We’ll run along some of the highest sand dunes in the world, visit traditional date & camel farms, and explore a historical fort in the oasis. And probably be stared at, honked at, and cheered on. Then we’ll relax in the chilled Liwa pool and have an evening party at the spooky bar or in one of the hugely spacious rooms with big balconies.
What: Abu Dhabi Sandpit Hash #16

When: Liwa Hotel*

Where: Friday, August 23 – be finished checking in by 6:00pm (you can check in early and use the pool). Departing from the lobby at 6:30pm sharp.

Why: The desert is so much cooler in the summer at night, and why not?

How much: Book your hotel room ASAP, plus 50aed for beer/picnic stop on the run, and softies.

* – this is NOT the Tilal Liwa Hotel, nor is it Qasr Al Sarab. is offering a discount that expires on Sunday August 18! Go to this site and use this code: HAUFLA10

Directions from Abu Dhabi.

1: Do not leave home without getting gas (or even petrol) and give yourself two hours minimum to get there from Abu Dhabi.

2: Take the highway through Musaffah towards the E11 and turn right towards Tarif.

3: Take E-11 for a while (about 75km) until you get to the Madinat Zayed Exit.

4: Take the E-45 another 50km into Madinat Zayed, and another 50km into Liwa, otherwise known as Mazeira. Hooray you’re here!

5: In Liwa follow the E-45 until it dead-ends at a roundabout. Go right (on E-90), through a roundabout, and you’ll see Liwa Hotel, on your left, on a sand dune; because of poor urban planning, you will have to go past the hotel, make a u-turn and come back.