Sandpit Run at Little Mo’s desert safari



Winter in Arabia means one thing. Well, it means lots of things, mostly to do with gloating to friends in colder places while hiding the fact that we’re actually shivering too and complaining about it being “a different type of cold”.

But I digress. Winter in Arabia means it’s time for Little Mo’s desert safari. As our host put it: “Frankly speaking I can’t remember how long since we had this beautiful climate in UAE, Desert is green, visibility is 100% clear, (young people may see mountains of Iran), zero humidity, ground is firm and compacted, no excuse, any 4WD will penetrate, tent or sleeping bag, drink of your own choice and some firewood all you need. 

“The camp Site is already located, drive route is chosen, desert drive duration about 2 and half hours, Shaikha almost finished dinner/breakfast menu, extra T-Shirts are printed. We look forward to see you all at EPCO petrol station Dubai, Aweer road just before China Dragon Mart (same place as every year).”


The driving is certainly fun, with challenging and less-challenging options depending on the ability of the car and the driver.


And, generous soul that Little Mo is, he’s agreed to let the Sandpit hash team set a run in the afternoon once we’ve arrived at the campsite. 

This was a lot of fun last year, providing the perfect dune on which to see the sun set.


So come and join us! If you have a 4×4, you should do the safari. If you have spare seats, there are 4x4less people who’d like to join you and will help keep you entertained by screaming at appropriate moments and then helping you dig your car out…

This is the meeting place: 


If you don’t do the safari, you can meet us at the campsite, which is a little way north of the town of Madam. Full details will emerge early next week.

Do it!



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