Sandpit Hash on Lulu Island


It’s that time of year again. The water’s warm again, even for us wusses, and the evening temperatures are perfect.

Before it gets stupidly hot, we’ll have the annual Sandpit Hash on Lulu Island on Friday May 16. The run will start at 6pm.


The usual Sandpit rules apply: the run fee provides the beer stop, some down-downs for the circle and, in this instance, transport to and from the island. You need to bring everything else. Everything. There are no facilities on the island other than a few strategically-placed trees.

Because the cost will depend on how many turn up, it’ll be somewhere between Dh50 and Dh100, but more likely to be near the lower figure.

How to get there: Boats will leave from Al Mina in Abu Dhabi at 2pm and 4pm. The first boat back in the morning will be at 8am.

lulu2 lulu1

If you have trouble finding it, call me (SHJ) on 050 561 7087. Yalla, let’s do it.


Warning: hashers may differ from those pictured.

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