New Years Eve in the desert (and sandpits for the first half of the year)


What: This is a camping night in the desert. Since it’s a working day for most of us, there won’t be an organised run. The usual sandpit rules apply: bring everything you need including all food and adult beverages. There’s no organised run, so no beer stop… so no cost!

When: From 4pm on December 31. Lots of us won’t be there until after work.

Where: The dunes near Khatim, in the site used for the Rehy Run in the last three years. It will be marked from the Al Ain Highway end on the day.


Directions: From Abu Dhabi, take the highway towards Al Ain. Around 81km before Al Ain (there are mileage markers every kilometre), take the exit to Al Khatim. (Just before the main exit, thereʼs a slip road going to an Adnoc gas station, the last chance to fill up with petrol.) Take the main exit and zero your trip meter at the first roundabout. Cross over the motorway via the overpass.
0.2km: Second roundabout. Take the exit towards North Al Khatim. The road parallels the motorway then swings around to the right.
1.4km: Roundabout. Take the second exit. From here, the route will be marked with “Rehy Run” signs.
9.3km: Follow sealed road through the dunes. Watch out for stray camels. When the road reaches a T-junction, turn right. The tar seal ends after 1-200m. Turn left on a gravel road. This is often rough. If youʼre in a 4×4, you can follow easier social roads to the side. If youʼre in a 2WD, stay on the corrugations and avoid the soft sand on the side of the road.
11.5km: Where an endurance trail crosses the road, turn left. There is soft sand here so keep your speed up if youʼre in a two wheel drive. If you go through a gap in the fence, youʼve gone too far.
12.7: At a junction with a similar road, take a sharp right turn. This takes you towards a fenced enclosure, which you pass on your right. After 2.7km, youʼll reach the campsite and the registration.
If youʼre technologically disposed, the site is 24° 17′ 54′′ N, 54° 58′ 27′′ E.
Other Sandpit Hash dates:
 * Friday February 27: A really sandpit hash in the dunes near Qasr al Sarab resort. A million-star view, with the option of being a few mins drive away from five-star plumbing and sauvy by the glass (different pipes )
* Friday April 3: The annual Lulu island run. Like this one.
* Friday May 15: A pre-summer mud run in the mangroves of Yas Island. Like this one.
* Sometime in June: The annual Hatta gorge trip. Like this one.
Yalla! Let’s get out there!
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