Sandpit hash at Qasr al Sarab


It’s time for us to run in the dunes near Qasr al Sarab, a plush hotel in the midst of the Empty Quarter’s dunes. The run will start at 5pm on Friday, February 27.

But instead of shelling out for a five-star hotel, we’ll go for a million-star campsite one sabkha over, far from any light pollution but with all the benefits of having a five-star hotel (*cough*plumbing*cough*) a few minutes drive away.

With a sumptuous breakfast buffet for the following morning, this is more like glamping than camping, but without the price tag. And before, we’ll have a run through the dunes.

The usual Sandpit Hash rules apply: a Dh20 run fee includes the run and a beer stop. You’ll need to be self sufficient for everything else: camping, food and haram beverages. The access is 2WD friendly to within 1km of the camp and we can shuttle you to the campsite, which is accessible via the easiest of 4×4 trips.


Directions: Drive toward Saudi/Ruwais, take the Hameem turnoff (should be signposted for Qasr al Sarab) then follow the signs to the resort. Instead of turning into the resort, continue to the left past the police helicopter and through the staff accommodation on an unsealed road thatʼs 2WD friendly. At the bottom of the hill, thereʼs a salt flat with the resortʼs activity centre on it. Turn right and follow the obvious tyre tracks over the low point in the dunes (very easy driving — can be done in any 4×4) and weʼll be in the next salt flat over. If youʼre in a 2WD, wait at the activity centre and we can shuttle you the 1km to the camp. The usual Sandpit Hash rules apply: we provide the marked run and a beer stop. You need to provide everything else: food, tent, haram beverages etc.

Yalla! Let’s do this.