Lulu Island sandpit hash is back on


After a week’s hiatus because the sandstorm and then strong onshore gales, the Lulu Island sandpit hash is back on for Friday April 10.


It’s the same details as for last week. There’s one boat, leaving from Mina Zayed at 2pm (sharp!), all that’s provided is the run and the beer stop so you need to be self-sufficient with food, water and shelter, and the boat back is at 9am on Saturday because some poor suckers have to work.




Lulu Island trip POSTPONED


With the weather being what it is and expected to continue into the weekend, we’ve postponed the Lulu Island hash.

This is probably to next week, but we’ll keep you posted.

There’ll still be beers tomorrow but no run. This could set a dangerous precedent…

Lulu Island sandpit hash


The summer’s a little late this year but the heat is finally returning and with it our annual run on Lulu Island.

The sea’s warm and it’s just about the end of the camping season.


The usual Sandpit Hash rules apply: all we provide is organising the boat, the run and the beer stop. You need to bring *everything* else: food, water, shelter etc.

Last year the boat and run fee was Dh100. It’ll probably be similar this year. The idea is to head over at 2pm, do the run around 5pm, spend the rest of the evening carousing then catch the boat back at 9am.


We’ll leave at (2pm sharp!) from the dock near the fish market in Mina Zayed.


Yalla! let’s do it.